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Discover our coating experience

Can you imagine how to distribute 1 liter of fluid
evenly over 4 soccer fields?


Our operational excellence makes it possible to coat ultra-thin layers with a very even distribution. And to go one step further: we can even coat multiple layers in a single step defect free. For example 1 defect can already ruin our Fujifilm membrane performance, quality is therefore of utmost importance. 

We coat millions of meters a day in our roll to roll production lines. These lines vary in size and coating technology. Due to our experience we can select the best coating equipment which fits your product, depending on: viscosity, surface energy, substrate, dry and wet coating thickness, solvents, drying or UV curing, number of layers etc. Finally the product is inspected by a fully automatic detection system. Sometimes the solution or process must be modified for an improved coating performance. For example surfactants can be added to improve wettability; or different UV initiators can be selected for a better curing performance or for instance an improved product safety. This is all a daily routine for us.

We are able to coat both water and solvent based coatings. As a company in the chemical industry we know how to handle different coating solutions in a safe way.