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85 years of coating experience available for you

We coat every day, every hour, every second.
Million square meters of coated products leave our plants daily. One of these products can be yours.

Multilayer coating

Coating is in our DNA with our 85 years of experience. We started as a photographic film manufacturer and were able to coat up to 15 layers in a single step. Not only technology drove us to who we are right now, also our high quality standards and agile culture within Fujifilm.

Due to digitization we had to reinvent ourselves. By sharing our core technologies, experiences and operational excellence we were able to successfully launch new products and became a multi-disciplined company. We continuously look for new opportunities and partnerships to innovate together with you.


Please take a look at our latest brochure.

We provide our services as contract manufacturer. This new service is supported by our worldwide R&D facilities and know how. We would like to build a long-term relationship with you as our new partner to innovate together. Multinationals, one person start-ups as well as every company size in between, are welcome to contact us.

Ready to innovate?